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Title Research domain Annotations Format Resource tags Language CLARIN centre
IPNV History, Oral History Linguistic Annotation, Orthographic, Orthographic Transcription Media data, wav data, corpus, multi-media/muliti-modal Dutch DANS
INTER-VIEWS Data History, Oral History, Linguistics, Discourse Orthographic Transcription Textual data, XML data, corpus, multi-media/muliti-modal, mono-lingual Dutch DANS
GrNe Data Literary Studies, Linguistics, historical linguistics Linguistic Annotation, Orthographic, orthographic representation, Morphological, lemma, inflection class, Morphosyntactic, Part-of-speech, extended part of speech (inflection), gender, Semantic, Translational, translation, translation ordering Textual data, XML data, lexicon, service, web-application Classical Greek, Dutch DANS
VK Data History, Political Studies External Linking, links for name expressions, Linguistic Annotation, Orthographic, paragraph separators, sentence separators, word separators, orthographic representation, Morphological, lemma, Morphosyntactic, Part-of-speech, extended part of speech (inflection), gender, name expression, polarity Textual data, XML data, corpus, text corpus Dutch DANS
SHEBANQ Data Religion Studies, Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, Syntax, historical linguistics Linguistic Annotation, Translational, Gloss, Orthographic, orthographic representation, transliteration, Morphological, lemma, stem, inflection class, derivational affix boundaries, Morphosyntactic, Part-of-speech, extended part of speech (inflection), gender, Syntactic, constituent structure, constituent labels, dependencies, dependency labels (grammatical relations) Textual data, LAF, GrAF, XML, RDF data, corpus, text corpus, service, web-application, mono-lingual Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, English DANS