DuELME: Search interface to the Dutch Electronic Lexicon of Multiword Expressions


The DuELME search interface provides access to the DUELME electronic lexicon, which contains more than 5,000 Dutch multiword expressions (MWEs). The search interface enables users to search for MWEs on the basis of a range of syntactic and semantic criteria, among them expression, pattern id, written form, type, conjugation, polarity, parameters, form, etc. Extensive documentation on the structure of the database is available.


DuELME (Dutch Electronic Lexicon of Multiword Expressions) is one of the results of the project Identification and Representation of Multiword Expressions (IRME) and contains lexical descriptions of over 5,000 multiword expressions (MWEs). The lexical descriptions boast to be highly theory- and implementation-neutral. The lexicon is primarily intended for the use in various NLP systems.
The DuELME-LMF project has been carried out within the CLARIN-NL programme. It is based on the IRME project funded by STEVIN and hosted by the INL. If you wish to obtain the complete lexicon in XML format, please contact the the Dutch-Flemish HLT Agency (TST-Centrale); an initiative of the Dutch Language Union.

  • Project leader: 
prof.dr. J.E.J.M. Odijk (Utrecht University)
  • CLARIN center: Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL)
  • Help contact
: servicedesk@tst-centrale.org

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