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INL: Institute for Dutch Lexicology

INL is place where anyone can go to learn about Dutch words, their spelling, form, meaning or usage throughout the centuries. The INL collects and describes the Dutch language and its vocabulary from the 5th and 6th centuries to the present day, including all new words in the Dutch language.
Dutch vocabulary throughout the centuries: All academic descriptions of words and word groups are based on linguistic material. One of the INL’s core tasks is therefore the collection and enrichment of texts (corpora). The language in which these texts are written ranges from the earliest Old Dutch to the most recent standard language as it is used in the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname.
Academic approach: All aspects of words and the contexts in which they can be found are academically described, enriched and made available by the INL, including their: Spelling, Pronunciation, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics
From definitions to grammatical characteristics: Contemporary Dutch is described by the INL in an innovative way. The meaning of a word can be searched for, and a word or word list can also be found via elements of a definition. The INL also provides help on language issues, with information on spelling, morphology, etymology, word usage and grammatical characteristics. This information can be found in the dictionaries and corpora. Knowledge bank of Dutch vocabulary: the Dutch Language Database A broad and comprehensive approach to Dutch throughout the centuries forms the digital infrastructure of Dutch vocabulary. We are working towards a comprehensive knowledge bank of the Dutch language: the Dutch Language Database. Moreover, with the help of this digital infrastructure the INL is able to link data to other existing digital sources and reference works. The result is:

  • Links to the descriptions of words of related languages such as Frisian, German, English or Afrikaans through the descriptions of words.
  • Links from the descriptions of words to the digital Language Portal in which information on the Dutch grammar will become available.

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that are relevant to the lexicological study of the Dutch language and on resources relevant for research in and development of language and speech technology lexicons, lexical databases, text corpora, speech corpora, language and speech technology tools, etc. For more examples, see here

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