PaQu - Parse and Query


The PaQu web service makes it possible to search in syntactically annotated corpora in Dutch. You can parse your own Dutch text corpus or use one of two corpora provided by the developers.


Please note: This is a preliminary version of this application. Use Lassy ( for searching the Lassy Treebanks.

PaQu uses the Alpino parser to make treebanks of your own text corpus, and to search in these treebanks using an interface based on the LASSY Word Relations Search interface ( Two treebanks are already available in the application: Lassy Klein (1M words, manually checked syntactic analysis) and Lassy Groot (700M words, syntactic analysis automatically assigned by Alpino).
PaQu offers two ways to search through the syntactically annotated texts. The first option is to use the search bar to look for word pairs, optionally complemented by their syntactic relationship. The second search option is to use the query language XPath.

  • Project leader: prof.dr. Gertjan van Noord 

  • Developer: Drs. P. Kleiweg (Groningen University)
  • CLARIN center: none
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