AVResearcherXL: Exploring audiovisual metadata in historical context


AVResearcherXL is a tool for exploring radio and television programme descriptions, television subtitles and general newspaper articles. The interface searches across the catalogue "iMMix" of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and a selection of newspapers of KB Royal Archive of the Netherlands. By the end of 2014, the data used by AVResearcherXL are: iMMix 932,035 broadcasts indexed 18,124 broadcasts with subtitles 1 January 1900 is the date of the first broadcast in the index 26 October 2013 is the date of the last broadcast in the index KB newspapers 25,811,413 articles indexed 16,294,029 articles are of type "artikel" 8,483,542 articles are of type "advertentie" 630,929 articles are of type "illustratie met onderschrift" 402,913 articles are of type "familiebericht" 1 January 1900 is the date of the first article in the index 30 November 1994 is the date of the last article in the index AVResearcherXL is financially supported by CLARIN-NL within the QuaMeRDES-project and by CLARIAH-SEED within the Research Instruments for Media Studies-project. AVResearcherXL is an extended version of MeRDES, the tool developed in 2012 by the NWO-CATCH project BRIDGE. MeRDES was further developed into AVResearcher by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in 2013. AVResearcherXL is a collaborative project of Centre for Television in Transition (Utrecht University), Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. The partners worked together with Dispectu for the development of the interface and back-end, and with Frontwise for the styling of the interface.



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Bron, M., Gorp, J. van, Nack, F., Rijke, M. de, Vishneuski, Andrei and Leeuw, J.S. de (2012). A Subjunctive Exploratory Search Interface to Support Media Studies Researchers. SIGIR '12: 35th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research and development in information retrieval Portland, Oregon: ACM.
Huurnink, B., Bronner, A., Bron, M., Gorp, J. van, Goede, B. de and Wees, J. van (2013). AVResearcher: Exploring Audiovisual Metadata. DIR 2013: Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Conference Delft: DIR.


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