Stylene, a robust, modular system for stylometry and readability research


Stylene is a robust, modular system for stylometry and readability research on the basis of existing techniques for automatic text analysis and machine learning, and the development of a web service that allows researchers in the humanities and social sciences to analyze texts with this system. In this way, the project will make available to researchers recent advances in research on the computational modeling of style and readability. Background Stylene consists of an educational demonstration interface and tools for stylometry (authorship attribution and profiling) and readability research for Dutch. The Stylene system consists of a popularization interface for learning to understand stylometric analysis, and web-­based interfaces to software for readability and stylometry research aimed at researchers from the humanities and social sciences who don’t want to develop or install such software themselves. Stylene has been created in the context of CLARIN Flanders.



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Daelemans, W, De Clercq, O and Hoste, V. 2017. Stylene: an Environment for Stylometry and Readability Research for Dutch. In: Odijk, J and van Hessen, A. (eds.) CLARIN in the Low Countries, Pp. 195–209. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: License: CC-BY 4.0


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