FESLI: Functional elements in Specific Language Impairment


Tool for the quantitative and qualitative comparison of the acquisition of functional elements (morphological inflection, articles, pronouns etcetera) in a corpus with data from monolingual and bilingual children (Dutch - Turkish) with and without Specific Language Impairment (SLI).


The FESLI-data come from two NWO-sponsored projects: BiSLI and Variflex. The numbers of children included in the resources are:

  • 12 bilingual children without language impairment (SLI)
  • 25 monolingual children with SLI
  • 20 bilingual children with SLI
The children´s ages ranged from 6;0 to 8:5. For more precise information about the specific age distribution in each group, the reader is referred the dissertation written by Antje Orgassa (http://dare.uva.nl/document/147433). The non-impaired children were included in the Variflex project (data collected by Elma Blom) and also used in the BiSLI project; the data from the children with SLI were exclusive to the biSLI project. The technology used in the FESLI web application is based on modules of the COAVA web application.
  • Project leader: 
Prof.dr. Fred Weerman (University of Amsterdam)
  • CLARIN center: Meertens Institute
  • Help contact: n.a. 


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