Royal Library

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Royal Library (KB)

The Royal Library: Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Dutch) (KB) is the National Library of the Netherlands. KB adds to the CLARIN infrastructure its digitised text collections. KB is on its way to make these collections available to the research community according to the CLARIN-standards as prescribed for a CLARIN data archiving centre. Long term policies plans for KB shows the ambition to have digitised and online available most of the printed text publications issued in the Netherlands (books, journals, newspapers, etc.) in 2025. Although it still looks a long way to overcome the copyright issues for the modern digitised material, it is one of KB’s strategic goals to play a prominent role in overcoming these issues. KB is also supporting partner of a number of CLARIN demonstration or curation projects.

Contact details

Name: Henk Matthezing
Postal Address: P.O. box 90407 2509 LK Den Haag, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 70 3140687
Fax: +31 70 3140652
E-mail: Henk Matthezing