ARBIL is a data management tool with as its main function a flexible (CMDI) metadata editor. It allows to choose an existing CMDI metadata schema/profile from the CMDI registry and create instantiations of that schema. The editor allows the use of tables and copy and paste to exchange information between the tables. ARBIL is ideally suited for situations where multiple different metadata schema are used. ARBIL needs to be installed on the local computer.


Arbil is an application for arranging research material and associated metadata into a format appropriate for archiving. Arbil is designed so that it can be used off line in remote locations. The data can be entered at any stage in part or as a whole. Arbil was designed to create mainly IMDI and CMDI metadata.

Main functions:

  • Metadata structures can be created, viewed and edited.
  • Multiple metadata files can be edited at the same time.
  • The local metadata tree can be searched with multiple parameters.
  • The data files can be launched in the associated applications such as ELAN or Media Players.
  • Many metadata files can be bulk edited in a single table.
  • With the exception of accessing the remote (LAT based) archive, all features are available offline such as in remote field sites.
  • You can enter the data as it becomes available, there is no mandatory order.
Arbil is written in the Java programming language and the sources are available for non-commercial use. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
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