Taalportaal with links to corpora

This chapter discusses modification of the projection of the AP. [CORPUSEXAMPLES] The examples in ( 1) show that modification is only possible with set-denoting adjectives like aardig nice ; relational adjectives such as houten wooden , evaluative adjectives such as drommels , and some residuals including, e.g., modal adjectives such as vermeend alleged are generally not eligible for modification, and will therefore not be discussed in this chapter.

Example 1
a. een erg/vrij/... aardige man set-denoting
  a very/rather/... nice man  
b. een (*erg/*vrij/...) houten trein relational
  a very/rather/... wooden train  
c. een (*erg/*vrij/...) drommelse jongen evaluative
  a very/rather/... devilish boy  
d. de (*erg/*vrij/...) vermeende dader residue
  the very/rather/... alleged culprit  

This chapter is organized as follows. Section 3.1 will address modification of the scalar adjectives, followed in Section 3.2 by a discussion of modification of the absolute (non-scalar) adjectives. Section 3.3 addresses the role of the modifiers wel / niet ; it will be shown that besides their use as affirmative/negative markers, these elements can also be used as intensifiers. Section 3.4 continues with a discussion of modification of pronominalized adjectives. The discussion of modification of APs is concluded in Section 3.5 with a number of exceptional cases.