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RemBench - a Digital Workbench for Rembrandt Research


RemBench enables one to search and browse for works of art, artists, primary sources and library sources related to Rembrandt, using faceted search by location, author/artist name, author/artist type, and date range, and/or by both exact and fuzzy keyword search. It offers both a web application and a RESTful web service.


RemBench combines the content of four different databases behind one search interface:

  • RKDartists and RKDimages, two databases maintained by the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD)
  • RemDoc, a collection of original documents related to Rembrandt van Rijn from the period between 1475 to circa 1750
  • RUQuest, a library system that provides access to full text articles, as well as the complete collection of (e-)books and journals from the Radboud University Library Catalogue
RemBench does not influence the content of these databases. For questions or comments about the information in the RKD databases, RemDoc or RUQuest, we refer to their own websites.


  • Project leader: 
Suzan Verberne
  • CLARIN center: Huygens ING
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