Research Phases

If you want to determine which tools might be relevant to you, you should try to identify in which phase of your research project you are. We list the phases of  a research project that we distinguish below, and give some clarification of what we mean with it. For each phase there is a link which launches a query that lists the tools that are (in our view) relevant to that phase. Tools can of course be relevant to multiple phases.

Obtaining Data and Software,   show

  • Search for and select data /software already contained in the infrastructure
  • Incorporate existing data  / software into the infrastructure
  • Create new data, inter alia via crowd sourcing, or software, and incorporate them into the infrastructure
  • This also includes the creation of derivative new data, models or software from existing resources

Enriching data with various annotations,   show

  • Automatically
  • Manually, possible automatically bootstrapped
  • Linking to external resources

Searching in the data,   show

  • Upload (possibly enriched) data into a search engine
  • Search and browse in the data, analyze the data and the results of searching

Analysis of data or of search results,   show

  • Selecting, grouping, sorting, and filtering data

Visualising search and analysis results,   show

  • Creating graphical representations of complex data or analysis results

Publishing the data and software in the infrastructure,   show

  • Make them visible (through metadata), accessible, and referable
  • Ensure safe long term storage 
  • In the CLARIN context usually by a recognized CLARIN Centre

Creating and publishing enhanced publications,   show

  • An enhanced publication is a scientific article together with (links to) associated data and tools

Consultation of Literature,   show

  • consulting literature that is relevant to the research question. This normally not something that CLARIN supports because it is a task typical for libraries. However, with the Taalportaal, which implements a range of scientific publications in a database and contains links to corpora and to queries in corpora in the CLARIN infrastructure, even CLARIN offers this functionality.