local tool

the resource is a software tool that needs to be installed on the users computer




The OpenConvert tools convert to TEI or FOLiA from a number of input formats (alto, text, word, HTML, ePub). The tools are available as a Java command line tool, a web service and a web application.


ColTime: Collaboration on Time-Based Resources


An extension of ELAN and ANNEX for the annotation and display of timeā€based resources such as audio and video with a referencing and note exchanging system.


EXILSEA: Exploiting ISOcat's Language Sections in ELAN and ANNEX


Enhancements of the multimedia annotation tool ELAN and the accompanying ANNEX browser for users of different languages with the multilingual features of ISOCAT.


SignLinC: Linking lexical databases and annotated corpora of signed


The core of SignLinC consists of enhancements for LEXUS 3.0 and ELAN 4.0, both released at the start of 2011.


Additions to ELAN include the following:


ARBIL is a data management tool with as its main function a flexible (IMDI/CMDI) metadata editor. It allows to choose an existing CMDI metadata schema/profile from the CMDI registry and create instantiations of that schema. The editor allows the use of tables and copy and paste to exchange information between the tables. ARBIL is ideally suited for situations where multiple different metadata schema are used. ARBIL needs to be installed on the local computer.


Enhancement of the multimedia annotation tool ELAN and the accompanying ANNEX browser to create an appropriate multilayer visualization of multilayer collocates, that significantly expands the search options.