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Title Research domain Annotations Format Resource tags Language CLARIN centre
VALID Communication & Media Studies, Linguistics, Morpho-syntax, Acquisition, Specific Language Impairment Studies, Sign language Linguistic Annotation, Discourse, Orthographic, Orthographic Transcription, Phonetic / Phonological, phonetic representation, Morphosyntactic, Part-of-speech Textual data, Plain text, PDF, CSV, Praat TextGrid, CHAT, XML, EAF, Media data, wav, MP4 data, corpus, multi-media/muliti-modal, mono-lingual, multi-lingual Dutch, Dutch Sign Language MPI for Psycholinguistics
D-LUCEA Linguistics, Phonetics, Acquisition Linguistic Annotation, Orthographic, Orthographic Transcription Textual data, CSV, XML, Media data, wav data, corpus, multi-media/muliti-modal, mono-lingual English MPI for Psycholinguistics
NEHOL History, Linguistics, historical linguistics, Pidgin and Creole Studies Linguistic Annotation, Gloss, Orthographic, orthographic representation, normalized orthographic representation, Morphological, lemma, Morphosyntactic, Part-of-speech, extended part of speech (inflection) Textual data, CSV data, corpus, text corpus Negerhollands MPI for Psycholinguistics
VU-DNC Communication & Media Studies, History, Linguistics, historical linguistics Linguistic Annotation, Discourse, Morphosyntactic, Part-of-speech, extended part of speech (inflection), gender Textual data, Plain text, CSV, XML, Media data, JPEG data, corpus, text corpus Dutch Dutch Language Institute
CKCC Data Cultural Sciences, History Linguistic Annotation, No Linguistic Annotation Textual data, CSV, XML, TEI data, corpus, text corpus, service, web-application French, Dutch, English, German, Multiple languages Huygens ING